We are families united to prevent drowning.


We are Families United to Prevent Drowning, a group of people connected for the worst possible reason: the loss or near loss of someone we love to a water tragedy. Through Families United, we join to create one voice. Together we say, "Not one more drowning."


“Individually, we are one drop. Together, we are an ocean.”

Ryunosuke Satoro


our history.

At a hotel in Colorado Springs in 2011, five families traveled from all corners of the United States to attend a national drowning prevention conference. Their reason for going? Simply, to prevent their family's pain from becoming another family's pain. None of these families expected to connect with others like them. None knew the others were attending. But it didn't take long for bonds to form and friendships to start. Though their stories were different, the end result was undeniably the same: drowning is preventable. These shattered families forged a union that would create one singular, shared vision for the future. "Not one more drowning." Stronger together than apart. Today, that group is 40 families strong. And sadly, growing. 


it's time.

It's time for drowning prevention to become part of our national conversation.

It's time to eradicate this leading killer in our country.

It's time for this preventable global health epidemic to end.


We picture a world where our story won't be your story.


our stories.

It's a tough read. But so worth it. Each family in this book once believed that drowning was something that happened to other people. Then suddenly, without warning, we became "other people." It happens every day. To good families. To protective families. To normal families. Families like ours. Families like yours. No one should see a picture of someone they love in this story collection. Read on... because the one saved could very well be your "not one more."





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